Transformational Church Assessment Tool

The Transformational Church Assessment Tool is no longer available for purchase.

The principles from this important research conducted by LifeWay Research are still relevant, and we encourage you to invest in the 8 elements of a transformational church by reading Transformational Church.

For a helpful, validated congregational assessment LifeWay Research encourages you to consider the online Discipleship Pathway Assessment. While some TCAT topics such as leadership are not directly addressed, it does cover worship, missional, and prayer elements quite well as well as a holistic view of discipleship. New research was recently used to update this tool, and it provides individuals and churches validated measurement of how they are doing spiritually on 8 signposts of discipleship.

At the top of this page you can:

  • Read more about the 8 biblical signposts measured through the Discipleship Pathway Assessment
  • The logo takes you to the main page that contains:
    • Link to purchase the assessment and Get Started as an individual or a group (automatic group discounts apply)
    • See how ongoing Bible studies tied to this pathway allow you to intentionally address all 8 discipleship signposts with your church’s groups
    • Download a discussion guide that can be used by your church’s small groups to debrief the assessment together
    • Articles on the importance of signposts
    • Tips for using the Discipleship Pathway Assessment with your church or group
  • Seeing the importance of proactively taking Next Steps after the assessment helps you see how this tool fits with intentionally investing in your Discipleship Pathway