8 Biblical Signposts

Through extensive testing, LifeWay Research has discovered that certain markers are at work in the lives of believers who are progressing in spiritual maturity. These 8 signposts reveal each person’s spiritual progress:

  1. Engaging the Bible
  2. Obeying God and Denying Self
  3. Serving God and Others
  4. Sharing Christ
  5. Exercising Faith
  6. Seeking God
  7. Building Relationships
  8. Living Unashamed

The Discipleship Pathway Assessment measures these 8 signposts plus basic doctrinal beliefs. Individuals are presented with a series of questions in the online tool that include beliefs, desires, and actions.

Immediately after taking the assessment, the individual can see their average score for each of the biblical markers and can view recommendations of next steps in the areas where improvement is desired.

The leader for a church using the Discipleship Pathway Assessment receives:

  1. Average scores for each of the 8 biblical signposts
  2. A detailed report showing how the congregation responded to each question
  3. Guidance for taking steps to help the congregation where improvement is needed

Spiritual growth is important to the church and is clearly taught and expected in Scripture. All throughout the Bible, we are taught that we are a spiritual people and we are created to know and have a relationship with God.

An online assessment should never replace the personal engagement of people spending time with other believers and with God as they grow in their faith. However, we believe this tool can provide insights to individuals and leaders to make the most of that time together.

Discipleship isn’t somewhere you can finally “arrive.” It is a journey in which your church can invest in the discipleship pathway of your congregation. The Discipleship Pathway Assessment helps you quickly evaluate your congregation at each of the 8 biblical signposts.

Overview of each signpost