Advanced User Reports

The Advanced User Report is an option that you may or may not be interested in.

This feature allows you to see results for a group of individuals based on specific criteria. Just like the other group reports, you must have at least 5 people who have completed the TDA and who meet your selected criteria before a report will be generated.

Only those who have selected Primary Group Leader and/or Lead Pastor as one of their roles when they registered will have access to this feature.

  1. Log in to your TDA account.
  2. On the Main Page, you should see a row of blue buttons. Click on the Admin (last one on the right) and then select Group Management from the drop down menu.Next Step 1
  3. On the Group Management page, select the Advanced Report icon.Advanced Reports
  4. Once you are on the Advanced User Report page, you can begin selecting the criteria of whom you would like included in the report.
  5. Be careful not to select too many items, or you may not have enough people “qualify” to be in the report.
    Remember, the more items you select…the more people that will likely exclude.
  6. Ok, now you are ready. (* means this is a required selection before it will run a report)
    • Select the type of report that you want, Group Report or Detailed Report.*
    • Select a Gender if you would like the report to just include males or females. (Leave if you want to include both)
    • Select an Age Range if you would like to limit it at all.
    • The same with Country, State and Dates.
    • Select which Groups you want to include.*
    • Select the survey (TDA).*
    • Select which roles users have selected that you would like to include.
    • Click Generate Report
  7. If there aren’t at least 5 completed assessments that meet your criteria, you will get a message that reads “Not enough users have completed the survey. Please try again later.” If this occurs, and you know that you have enough completed assessments, return to the Advanced User Report and broaden your criteria. For example: Include all males and females, wider age range, more groups, etc.
  8. Once you tweak the criteria, you can click Generate Report and it will come up.
    The TDA does not save these Advanced User Reports, so you will want to download the pdf copy of the report if you would like to reference it later without having to run the report again from scratch.